Nursing out, agribusiness in as top job generator

Students who want to land local jobs easily after graduation should take note of the country’s key Employment generators in the next five to 10 years, the Department of Labor and Employment said.

The Labor Department said agribusiness topped the list of key employment generators in its study of the labor market in various regions in the next five to 10 years.

Other industries that will demand labor in the near future include: cyberservices, health and wellness, hotel and restaurant, medical tourism, mining, construction, finance, manufacturing, real estate, transport and logistics, retail, and overseas work.

Emerging industries in the country in next 10 years are creative industries, strategic farming and fishing, power and utilities and renewable energy, according to the Labor department’s Project JobsFit study.

‘Hard to fill’ jobs

Criselda Sy, director for local labor, said discussions with various industries showed that these sectors have “hard to fill in demand posts.”

She noted that the four most popular college courses—nursing, information technology, education, and hotel and restaurant management—do not respond to the need of the local communities.

Sy said Filipino students have no idea of competitive courses to take in college, which has led to surpluses and a mismatch in skills.

As such, the Labor department is urging a review of the Philippines’ education curriculum to address the jobs mismatch and introduce students to other job opportunities.

Labor officials said the curriculum was no longer responsive to the needs of the labor market.

Labor Undersecretary Romeo Lagman said schools should review their curriculum and steer their students toward key employment generators.

“We have to start an intensified career guidance program starting in third year high school and this should include gender awareness, current work practices, and potential opportunities for both technical-vocational and college courses to ensure that students make effective career choices,” Lagman said.



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