Nursing graduate ventures into real estate development and makes it

He could have been a nurse.

But this nursing graduate saw his future in the real estate industry.

So Kaiser Christopher F. Tan ventured into the world of real estate development.

His path to success was a rollercoaster ride for him.

For one, his parents, who own a construction company, were against his decision.

Second, he thought he didn’t have enough capital to sustain the business then.

But his friends and what he called “divine intervention” gave him his motivation to keep going and succeed.

Now, he is chief executive officer of Kaiser Estates, which has 11 projects in the cities of Mandaue, Cebu and Lapu-Lapu.

Tan said he finished his nursing degree in 2008. After taking the board, he rested for there months.

Then he went to work in his father’s construction company, Tegrak Construction.

“I found out that I wasn’t so interested at doing the construction business and saw the real estate development more appealing,” he said.

“And so I tried asking my dad for help. He didn’t support me because he thought it was too risky. I was young and we don’t have experience in real estate development. So he said no,” Tan said.

Still, Tan who is in his mid 20s, went on his own.

A friend, who was a bank manager, offered him a loan of P500,000 without any collateral to start his business.

“I thought maybe this is a sign to pursue that dream,” said Tan.

“I took the loan and separated myself from my parents, who were really very mad at me that time. We did not talk for about six months because of that decision,” he added.


Tan named his firm, Kaiser Estates. His first project was Kim Rose Residences, which was named after his sister.

The apartment building project in barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City only had four units.

“I got the lot on credit and loaned the materials for construction from my classmates who have hardware businesses. I have lots of classmates, maybe 10 out of 40 own a hardware,” said Tan.

He used the P500,000 loan to pay his laborers whom he also contacted himself.

“I did everything then from designs concepts, logistics, marketing and sales. Everything. It was a one-man-show and I did meetings with clients just at the coffee shops because I still don’t have my office,” he said.

Tan had a back-up plan in case everything fails: a teaching job at a review center that would pay him at P1,500 an hour.

“I thought if my first business venture would fail, I could take that offer and pay my loan for 10 years,” he said.

The day came when Tan only had a P100 bill in his pocket. He ended up giving his last money as a love offering when he was invited by a friend to attend a church gathering at the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino.


“I told God, this is everything I have now. I’ll leave everything to you. The worst part is when I got down to the parking lot and I didn’t have P30 to pay for the parking fee. And so I went back up and borrowed from a friend telling him that I left my wallet to make it less embarrassing for me,” Tan said.

What happened the next day made Tan realize that that he received what he called as divine intervention.

“I got customers who already gave downpayments as much as P500,000 which I then used to develop more projects,” he said.

“After that everything just went smoothly in place including (the situation with) my parents whom I have already resumed a good relationship with. I can’t blame them though, they were just trying to protect me,” said Tan,

From a one-man show, Tan now 12 employees and at least 100 more under his own construction company.

He now has two companies — Kaiser Estates and Kaiser Construction.

The Kaiser Construction takes care of building the units. Kaiser Estates is in charge of real estate development.

Next month, Tan will occupy a bigger office space in La Guardia, Lahug, Cebu City — from a coffee shop where he used to hold office.

“I’m also proud to say that I have already finished paying my loan within just a year,” he said.


To date, Kaiser Estates has already 11 projects. These include Kim Rose Residences 2 at Andres Abellana St., Cebu City, Karl’s Town at Jagobiao, Mandaue City, and Graceland 1 with 97 units at Brgy. Buaya, Mactan.

“We will soon be launching two more projects which is Graceland 2 and Kim Rose 7,” he said.

Tan said he was looking into at low to middle-end projects, which he thought would be a big hit.

He said these projects could be their “bread and butter.”

He could outsource some parts of the construction, develop condominium projects and a vacation village.

“I see that in every development, there are only two major things to consider and that is the right place and the right price.”

Tan said he thinks they offer the best prices today because they do everything from conceptualization to construction which gives them a reasonable price.

Source: Cebu Daily News


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