Outreach for nurses, docs eyed

More community-based education is needed for health care professionals to prepare them in dealing with their patients in the countryside, global health specialists said during a conference yesterday.

Dr. John Wynn Jones, British representative of the World Organization of National Colleges and Academies (Wonca), said the academic curriculum of health care professionals are Westernized and don’t fit the actual setting of the health needs of their communities.

Wonca held its 10th rural health conference at one of the hotels in Cebu City.

Jones said it’s important for schools to apply community-based education programs to expose their students to the community.

He said this would help them facilitate the practical application of their studies after graduation.

He also said more community exposure will make doctors and nurses more socially accountable and encourage them to work in the local hospitals rather than go abroad for employment.

Jones said the national government should develop a “socially accountable education” for students to encourage them to stay and give back to the community.

He said doctors and nurses who work abroad don’t only do so due to financial reasons.

He said Filipino doctors and nurses also like the friendlier working environment and the availability of medical facilities overseas.

Aileen Espina, head of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians (PAFP) constitution and bylaws committee, cited the urgency of creating a standardized code of recruitment globally.

She cited the Melbourn Manifesto, a code of practice for the international recruitment of health care professionals as a standard guide for imperative implementation of “ethical employment” of health workers.

Prof. Ian Couper, Wonca working party in rural health chairperson, said health workers should be justly compensated and treated equally.

Source: Inquirer.net


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